Bungalo, a real-estate company, previously today debuted a brand-new, inclusive marketing project targeted at offering assurance to potential house owners scared of purchasing a haunted home.

Since “purchasing a house should not be frightening,” Bungalo’s gone through the difficulty of having all of its house listings in the Charlotte, North Carolina location checked by expert paranormal private investigators.

We inspected through a lot of Bungalo’s online house listings and, sure enough, when you register for an account to get to the files related to the houses noted you can see a paranormal examination report.

So what does a paranormal examination include? A $260 ghost-detecting teddy bear and exposed rubbish about EVPs (ghost sounds), primarily. However, in the spirit of Halloween, we’ll indulge the pseudoscience. Since you never ever understand when the difficult may end up being truth

The ghost hunters accountable for guaranteeing that five-bedroom four-bath colonial isn’t raving with demonic forces from the opposite are from the Carolina Paranormal System. The group’s site is an art piece.

Sure we understand ghosts do not exist, however do we truly understand that ghosts do not exist? What if researchers at MIT’s secret underground ghost-hunting center (you understand it exists Dean Chandrakasan, stop preventing my e-mails) lastly showed that poltergeists were genuine? If you will sink your life’s cost savings into a brand-new house for your household, would not you need to know if it was haunted?

Up until now, all the listings we have actually taken a look at were stated devoid of fiends.

H/t: Charlotte Observer

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