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Even if you hold their little hands or warn them to stand gradually, young children are still going to be slipping and moving all around their child swimming pools this summertime.

Image: Curious Columbus (Amazon)

A service: Non-slip tub sticker labels.

They’re adorable, simple to use and will decrease the quantity of topples they take in the water.

These sea animals, flowers or stars would get the job done simply great, however if you wish to go next level, take a look at Vinyltastic’s store on Etsy Depending upon the size of your young child’s swimming pool, you may require a couple sets.

For a swimming pool with tough plastic sides, you can put a couple of sticker labels along the edges, too, so your kids have an area to grip while actioning in and out. That releases your hands up for that publication and cold drink you have actually been craving.

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