• MU69, likewise called Ultima Thule, is more than 4 billion miles far from Earth, making it the farthest things ever checked out.
  • Queen guitar player Brian May launched a brand-new tune, “New Horizons,” to commemorate the historical flyby.
  • This is May’s very first solo release in more than twenty years. The guitar player has a PhD in astrophysics and likewise dealt with NASA’s New Horizons science group.

On New Year’s Day, Queen guitar player Brian May’s very first solo release in more than twenty years.

And it commemorates an accomplishment of NASA’s that was likewise several years in the making.

The tune, “New Horizons,” has to do with NASA’s effective flyby of a strange, mountain-sized things that’s further from Earth than anything else mankind has actually gone to. The area rock is officially called 2014 MU69, though it’s more frequently called “Ultima Thule” (a questionable label– see editor’s note listed below).

MU69 is more than 4 billion miles far from our world and 1 billion miles beyond Pluto.

NASA’s New Horizons probe, which released towards Pluto in 2006, effectively flew previous MU69 on New Year’s Day. When New Horizons triggered, no one understood MU69 even existed. The things was just spotted when astronauts updated an electronic camera in the Hubble Area Telescope in2009 After New Horizons finished its objective at Pluto, which it initially reached in July 2015, researchers chose to send out the probe to this brand-new target.

May, who has a PhD in astrophysics, dealt with the New Horizons objective’s science group and was asked to compose a tune for the flyby. May stated he was at first hesitant about the job.

“I believed this is going to be hard, due to the fact that I can’t think about anything that rhymes with Ultima Thule,” he stated, according to The New york city Times

The tune he created starts with words from the late physicist Stephen Hawking, who tape-recorded a video message when the NASA probe zipped Pluto. In the quote, Hawking stated: “The discoveries of New Horizons might assist us to comprehend much better how our planetary system was formed.”

Here’s the complete tune:

At a press conference, the guitar player stated the tune has to do with the human spirit of experience and discovery.

“Slowly it struck me that this objective has to do with human interest,” May stated, according to Florida Today. “It has to do with the requirement of humanity to head out there a check out and find what makes deep space tick and this has actually been going on because the dawn of time.”

That’s clear in these lyrics:

“New horizons to check out New horizons nobody’s ever seen prior to Unlimited marvels in a never ever ending sky We might never ever, never ever reach them, that’s why we need to attempt.”

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The New Horizons probe’s very first low-resolution photos of MU69 have actually exposed that the ancient things formed from 2 different ones. It has reddish coloring, which researchers compared to the color of Charon, Pluto’s moon.


NASA anticipates to get the highest-resolution color pictures of MU69 in February, though it might take 2 years for all of the pictures and information to reach Earth.

Information gotten by New Horizons might supply brand-new descriptions about the development of the planetary systems and how worlds like Earth formed.

An illustration of NASA’s New Horizons probe going to 2014 MU69, a Kuiper Belt object that exists about 1 billion miles beyond Pluto.
NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI/ Steve Gribben

“Ultima is the very first thing we have actually been to that is not huge enough to have a geological engine like a world, and likewise something that’s never ever been warmed considerably by the sun,” Alan Stern, who is leading the New Horizons objective, formerly informed Company Expert “It resembles a time pill from 4.5 billion years back. That’s what makes it so unique.”

Dave Mosher contributed reporting to this story.

Editor’s note: After a public project, the New Horizons group picked Ultima Thule as a label for (486958) 2014 MU69 Nevertheless, we have actually de-emphasized it here due to the fact that the Nazi celebration utilized the word “Thule” as a tenet of its ideology.