Ranked: Every Ticket to Ride map


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You might have played among the most effective titles in tabletop video gaming, Alan Moon’s Ticket to Flight However have you attempted all of the video game’s growths and standalone spinoffs? These additions present brand-new boards and guidelines that modify the standard format of drawing train cards and after that positioning trains to link cities throughout each map with the objective of linking more far-off cities so you can finish Location Tickets for more points.

I have actually counted 17 various maps up until now (not counting Japan and Italy, which will be launched in Europe at Spiel 2019 in late October and worldwide in January2020 Likewise, the Märklin map is no longer readily available and will not be consisted of in this workout). That’s a lot for anybody to absorb. So to assist any Ticket to Flight faithful seeking to broaden, Ars has actually assembled this summary– in addition to my individual ranking– of all existing maps, a few of which are likewise readily available in the terrific mobile app variation of the video game. And if something listed below does not rather ride for you, let us understand your preferred maps in the remarks.

New Yawk, baby!
/ New Yawk, infant!

17 Ticket to Flight Express: New York City

The very first standalone “Express” variation of Ticket to Flight has gamers construct taxi “paths” in Manhattan (plus one generic Brooklyn stop), with simply 15 pieces per gamer and a small board. There’s just one direct connection in between stops of 4 areas, with whatever else linked by one to 3 areas. You score for location tickets and get another point if you linked any of the board’s 9 Traveler Destinations to any of your paths. I’m not truly sure why the Fonz appears on the cover, given that Pleased Days occurred in Milwaukee.

London calling.
/ London calling.

16 Ticket to Flight Express: London

The 2nd Express video game has gamers construct bus paths– not television, regretfully– throughout London, once again with simply 15 pieces per gamer and a small board. There are benefits for striking every drop in a district (worth one to 5 additional points), no paths over 11 areas long, and no direct connections over 4 areas. Games take about 15-20 minutes, and package is extremely portable.

The Switzerland map.
/ The Switzerland map.

15 Switzerland

A lot more claustrophobic than the Nordic Countries map, the Switzerland map has comparable guidelines on engines, great deals of one-train tracks and extremely brief path cards. It likewise includes brand-new path cards that score when you link a city to any of the 4 surrounding nations of France, Germany, Austria, or Italy, or when you link any of those nations through Switzerland to another nation. The outcome is that when you have actually produced paths into 2 of the 4 nations, you can almost constantly draw brand-new path cards and discover one you have actually either finished currently or can complete within a turn. Tabletop variation is bundled with the India map. Readily available on the app.

The Netherlands.
/ The Netherlands.

14 Nederland

Among my preferred features of Ticket to Flight is that it does not consist of cash as part of the video game play. Some eurogames do, and a lot of them are terrific, however as a basic guideline parlor game that include cash take longer to play (specifically in between turns) and prevent brand-new gamers (due to the fact that we’re all distressed by Monopoly). The Nederland map is the very first Ticket to Flight map to integrate cash, as gamers need to pay tokens to construct throughout the numerous bridges on this board. Practically all paths are doubled, and unlike with every other map, both paths remain in play even with 2 or 3 gamers. The very first individual to construct on a path pays the toll to the bank; a 2nd gamer structure on that exact same path pays the toll to the very first contractor. If you wish to construct however can’t pay, you take a Loan card, worth -5 points at the end– and you can never ever repay it. There are huge benefits for completing the video game with the most toll tokens staying, as long as you do not have loan cards. The guidelines suggest utilizing a neutral (dummy) gamer if you have fun with 2 individuals.