After months of providing us just short looks of Red Dead Redemption 2, now Rockstar can’t stop revealing us gameplay. The most recent gameplay trailer reveals a myriad of in-game activities, and likewise lastly teases what first-person mode will appear like– and I understand I’m going to need to provide it a shot when the video game comes out.

We have actually understood RDR2 would be getting a first-person mode for a while, and it’s not a surprise after the very same function was so favored in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Car V The video is near completion of the trailer, and just lasts for a couple of seconds. It reveals lead character Arthur Morgan shooting his method through a range of circumstances, consisting of a horse chase and a shop burglary.

Being truthful? It looks a bit like a light weapon video game from the little bit we see. It nearly seems like a natural development of something like Mad Canine McCree from the ’90 s. That’s not a bad thing, by any methods. Being an Old West gunslinger was among the very first dreams video games looked for to meet, and RDR2 in very first individual is clearly implied to scratch that very same itch.

Not to discuss it offers me wish for the other thing very first individual benefits: VR. We have actually currently seen GTA V make the leap, and now I desire absolutely nothing more than to check out the streets of Armadillo in a VR headset (my coworker Tristan has practically offered me on HTC’s Vive with the cordless adapter).

It’s far from the only function we saw in today’s trailer– the entire thing was generally a prolonged montage of Arthur doing whatever you might potentially get out of an old-timey Western. He hunts, he fishes, he plays poker, he knifes his own finger, and he tends his horse. If this video game really provides on the breadth on it’s appealing in the trailers, we must all still be playing it well into 2019.

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