Previously today, it was reported that Intel is cancelling its frustrating 10 nm production procedure In an uncommon reaction, the business has actually tweeted an main rejection of the claims.

Advancement of Intel’s 10 nm procedure has actually been hard. Intel was extremely enthusiastic with its 10 nm procedure– preparing to increase the transistor density by something like 2.7 times– and wished to utilize a variety of unique innovations to arrive. It ended up that the business had actually bitten off more than it might chew: yields were extremely low, which is to state that the majority of the chips being produced were faulty.

In a quote to recuperate, Intel is now pursuing a less enthusiastic scaling (though still more than double the transistor density of its 14 nm procedure). It has one oddball processor on the marketplace: the Cannon Lake core i3-8121 U Abnormally for this type of processor, the incorporated GPU has actually been handicapped. That’s since they’re not working; the GPUs utilize various styles for their reasoning than the CPUs, and these styles are showing especially frustrating.

The business’s latest price quote is that 10 nm will enter into volume production in the 2nd half of2019 The report from SemiAccurate mentions internal sources stating that this isn’t going to occur: while there might be a couple of 10 nm chips, for the a lot of part Intel is going to avoid to its 7nm procedure.

Usually, Intel does not react to reports, however this one seems an exception. The business is tweeting that it’s making “great development” on 10 nm which yields are enhancing constant with the assistance the business offered on its last incomes report. Intel’s next incomes report is on Thursday, and we’re most likely to hear more about 10 nm’s development then.

Noting image by Intel