Horseshoe crab

The horseshoe crab.

Arto Hakola/Getty Images.

The horseshoe crab does not need to do much to haunt your problems. Their tough shell conceals scuttling legs and pincers, they utilize their long, spiny tail to turn themselves over and they bleed milky blue blood. Believe less “Sebastien from The Little Mermaid” and more “Facehugger from Alien

However it ends up the horseshoe crab is neither charming animation shellfish or alien types– in truth researchers have actually now shown the horseshoe crab isn’t a crab at all. It’s an arachnid.

The horseshoe crab (Xiphosura) is currently among the weirder animals in the animal kingdom. While just 4 types of the animal have actually endured to the contemporary period, some growing approximately half a metre long, those types have actually endured reasonably the same for 450 million years and through numerous mass termination occasions, providing the label “living fossils.”

Since Xiphosura blood is so conscious contaminants, researchers likewise collect their blood (which is a charming shade of sky blue) to utilize for screening for contamination crazes like medical devices. (The blood is so important, scientists in Florida just recently got in touch with the general public to report sightings of horseshoe crabs breeding under the next moon. Sorry, kids, appears like Disney World will need to wait!)

Horseshoe crabs being bled in a lab.

Timothy Fadek/Getty Images.

Now a brand-new term paper, released by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and initially reported by National Geographic, has actually cast the horseshoe crab in a brand-new light. Studying a raft of hereditary product in addition to information from genome sequencing jobs, scientists have actually traced the family tree of horseshoe crab ancestral tree.

The finding?

Horseshoe crabs didn’t develop individually to arachnids on land like spiders and scorpions. They are really categorized as marine arachnids.

” This specific part of the tree of life has actually constantly been rather challenging to resolve,” lead scientist Jesús Ballesteros informed National Geographic

” However among the important things that was unexpected in this analysis is that no matter how we dealt with the information, we regularly discovered the exact same outcomes … the horseshoe crabs are constantly embedded inside the arachnids [on the family tree].”

So, if you’re an arachnophobic, you can now easily include the horseshoe crab to your list of worries.

And if you’re a human being with eyes, you most likely can too.