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canopy( in botany) The leading layer of a tree– or forest– where the highest branches overlap.

threatened An adjective utilized to explain types at danger of going extinct.

forest A location of land covered primarily with trees and other woody plants.

fruit A seed-containing reproductive organ in a plant.

mammal A warm-blooded animal differentiated by the belongings of hair or fur, the secretion of milk by women for feeding their young, and (usually) the bearing of live young.

native Related to a specific place; native plants and animals have actually been discovered in a specific place because taped history started. These types likewise tend to have actually established within an area, happening there naturally (not due to the fact that they were planted or moved there by individuals). A lot of are especially well adjusted to their environment.

okapi A hoofed, striped animal, a relative of the giraffe.

ossicones These are horn-like structures on giraffes and okapis. They are not antlers– which are made from keratin, like hair or fingernails. Rather, ossicones are made from cartilage and covered in hair.

understory Plants that grow underneath the canopy, or uppermost level, of the forest.