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cloud A plume of particles or particles, such as water beads, that relocation under the action of an outdoors force, such as wind, radiation or water currents. ( in climatic science) A mass of air-borne water beads and ice crystals that take a trip as a plume, normally high in Earth’s environment. Its motion is driven by winds.

crystal( adj. crystalline) A strong including a balanced, bought, three-dimensional plan of atoms or particles. It’s the arranged structure taken by many minerals. Apatite, for instance, forms six-sided crystals. The mineral crystals that comprise rock are normally too little to be seen with the unaided eye.

engine A maker created to transform energy into beneficial mechanical movement. Often an engine is called a motor. ( in computer technology) A computer system program that carries out a specific, narrow series of functions.

fog A thick cloud of water beads that touches the ground.

aircraft( in mathematics) A flat 2-dimensional surface area, implying it has length and width however no depth. An aircraft likewise extends considerably in all instructions.

rime ice A covering of small, nontransparent ice crystals formed when supercooled water freezes quickly on contact with a things.