This 747 took a rocket under its wing.

Virgin Orbit.

The age-old Boeing 747-400 might be best referred to as a traveler airplane, however thanks to business owner Richard Branson, it’s now an essential part of the Virgin Orbit personal area program.

A 747 called “Cosmic Lady” finished an uncommon test flight Sunday in Southern California by choosing a cruise with a 70- foot-long (21- meter) rocket connected under its wing.

The Virgin Orbit rocket chose a trip under a 747.

Virgin Orbit.

Virgin Orbit is a Virgin Galactic spinoff that’s establishing the LauncherOne system to introduce rockets from a 747 instead of from the ground. The system is developed to get little satellites into area rapidly and inexpensively.

” It marks the very first time a 747 has actually brought a rocket, not to mention an area rocket, in its 70- year history and is a huge advance for the business as we eagerly anticipate reaching orbit in early 2019,” Branson composed in a post

Virgin Orbit’s 747 was when a traveler jet, however it’s been tailored to function as a flying launch pad for the business’s carbon-fiber rocket.

While Virgin Orbit is making strides towards getting satellites into orbit, Virgin Galactic is continuing its mission to introduce travelers into area.

Galactic finished a supersonic test flight in May, with Branson stating in early October he anticipates the business to be in area “within weeks.”