Righty cuttlefish males have more sex and win more battles. And this might assist discuss why lefty human beings exist at all.

In a paper released March 13 in the journal Procedures of the Royal Society B, researchers viewed cuttlefish as they connected and tossed down. A lot of male cuttlefish, it ends up, are “righties” in sexual circumstances– suggesting that they take a look at women with their ideal eyes prior to breeding, and method women from their ideal side. However when it comes time to combat the competitors, the majority of cuttlefish are “lefties,” approaching the battle left-side initially.

These outcomes originated from a series of observations of cuttlefish breeding and tinkering each other in the wild, followed by lab experiments where the animals were designated opponents or enthusiasts under the eye of a well-placed electronic camera.

However in both cases, the righties tend to triumph. [Cuttlefish Cuties: Photos of Color-Changing Cephalopods]

This finding, the scientists recommended, might discuss why 9 out of 10 individuals are right-handed, however lefties still exist.

This isn’t simply a human phenomenon: Throughout the animal kingdom, types tend to have a much-more-common preferred side. The term for this is “lateralization.” However if one side is more evolutionarily in shape than another, why would not it take control of the entire types? And, alternatively, if sidedness does not matter, why does the imbalance exist?

This cuttlefish research study, the scientists recommended, shows that there are situations in which a types take advantage of sharing a dominant side. However private members can get some benefits of their own by doing the uncommon, less typical thing.

If the majority of cuttlefish males are sexual righties, it’s simple for cuttlefish women to collaborate with those males, due to the fact that they understand what to anticipate. The handful of lefties battle due to the fact that the women do not anticipate their design of method.

However when it concerns battling, the minority sidedness (once again, righties) has a benefit, since that habits is less foreseeable. (People see a comparable benefit in particular sports where lefties are overrepresented.)

So while the majority of cuttlefish (or human beings) play it safe by acting in a regular, foreseeable, friendly way, a handful of outliers may take some benefit by changing things up.

Initially released on Live Science