Previously this year we informed you about the Roller Rollercoaster Magnate fan who developed the world’s most masochistic amusement park flight. The rollercoaster, called “Wild Mouse,” was a near-endless loop that circled around a virtual amusement park some 600 times, a 12- year flight.

Marcel Vos, the developer of the rollercoaster from hell simply beguiled himself, constructing a trip he’s properly calling “45 Years in Hell.”

As you might have thought from the name, Vos has actually now developed a rollercoaster almost 4 times as long as his initial– which he presumed was the longest flight possible within the video game. This one would take 45 years to finish, if riding in genuine time.

That’s a helluva long flight, and a dull one to boot.

The rollercoaster is so uninteresting, in truth, that it really takes a trip in reverse for an amount of time simply to make certain that you need to relive the hell that is riding it over and over once again.

It’s the longest roller rollercoaster ever developed in Roller Rollercoaster Magnate 2. And let’s hope it remains that method.

You can examine the video out listed below.