There is absolutely nothing to stress over.


If the robopocalypse ever breaks out in the world, a minimum of the homeowners of the International Spaceport Station need to be safe. Or will they? Russian area firm Roscomos has actually simply introduced Skybot F-850, an upsetting, humanoid robotic, as a delivery to the ISS.

Do not fret. This is completely fine.

Skybot’s label is Fedor. He’s most likely best understood for starring in a Russian video in 2017 while wielding 2 pistols like a robo-Clint Eastwood. He has his own Twitter account, which provides tweets in Russian from the robotic’s viewpoint. In some way this comes off as more enormous than adorable. You can have a look at Fedor in action in a video revealing the robotic relocating action to his human operator.

On August 21, the Cylon-like Skybot was packaged up firmly inside a Russian Soyuz MS-14 pill, holding a Russian flag, as it introduced for the spaceport station. Dark dreams of the murderbot showing up and presuming control of the station aside, this is a crucial launch for the Russian area firm. It marks the very first flight of an updated Soyuz pill on the Soyuz 2.1 a launch automobile, which will ultimately takeover crewed launches to the station.

Fedor’s area experience is most likely to be relatively short. He is anticipated to reach the spaceport station on Aug. 24 and the robotic is arranged to go back to Earth on Sept. 7, with the Soyuz pill, according to NASA.

Roscosmos director basic Dmitry Rogozin tweeted a quite fabulous discount video for Fedor’s journey, total with a soundtrack similar to an ’80 s action motion picture.

Cosmonauts Alexey Ovchinin and Alexander Skvortsov are presently on board the station together with astronauts from NASA and ESA. The Russian team members will welcome Fedor and check how the robotic operates in microgravity.

Fedor might one day be predestined for a profession as an area explorer. That is, obviously, unless he locks the existing homeowners of the ISS beyond the station with an “I can’t let you do that.”

Initially published Aug. 16
Upgraded Aug. 21: Includes extra launch info.