Fedor looks right in the house on the ISS.


I would completely enjoy a TELEVISION program called “That’s So Fedor.” Russian area company Roscosmos released a Skybot F-850 humanoid robotic called Fedor to the International Spaceport Station, and really trusted it with an electrical drill.

Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin, Fedor’s handler, looks quite chill about the entire thing in a video published to Fedor’s own Twitter account on Tuesday. We’re seeing the action from the robotic’s perspective as it grips the drill. It voluntarily provides the tool to Ovchinin near completion of the video.

Generally, I ‘d recommend having a humanoid robotic on the ISS. It’s simply that the Skybot has a little bit of a strange past after it starred in a 2017 video revealing it fire a number of pistols at some targets. Troubling much?

Roscosmos is taking Fedor for a test drive as a possible assistant for area expedition objectives. The robotic can attempt to tread in locations where human beings will not wish to go.

Fedor’s initial arrival struck a small hold-up with the docking of its uncrewed spacecraft recently. This will just be a short getaway for the robotic, which is arranged to go back to Earth in early September.

Fedor appears to be strongly under Ovchinin’s command, which is excellent news for everybody on board the ISS. We do not wish to wind up with Westworld in area.

Initially released Sept. 3, 9: 51 a.m. PT.