When scrolling through the Galaxy S10’s wallpapers, I discovered how they all have a darker location towards the leading right.

I might be insane, however it looks like Samsung deliberately darkened the leading right of its Galaxy S10 wallpapers to conceal the hole-punch selfie cam ports on its Infinity O display screens.

It instantly advises me of Apple’s iPhone XS wallpapers that are relatively developed to conceal the rather big and large notch on its display screen. Apple was even taken legal action against by a female who declared its marketing images with the notch-hiding wallpapers misguided her, as she didn’t understand the iPhone XS had a notch.

In Samsung’s case, the business does not appear to be embarrassed of the hole-punch cutout, as it actively called its hole-punch display screen “Infinity O,” where the “O” represents the reality that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones have an “O” formed hole for the selfie cam. (On the S10 Plus, it’s more of an oval instead of a circle.)

Still, the wallpapers that include the Galaxy S10 do look like they’re attempting to obscure the selfie cam cutouts.

Examine it out: