It’s authorities: Samsung will display its most recent flagship on February 20 at an occasion in San Francisco.

The welcome does not expose much aside from the number ’10,’ which surprises no-one, however the image does appear to be mentioning the thin bezels we can get out of the brand-new phone. As the 10 th in the Galaxy series however– and after in 2015’s solid-but-iterative S9– we’re anticipating the greatest upgrade to the S household in years

The greatest visual modification will be with the front-facing cam. Samsung has actually up until now chosen to bypass an iPhone-like notch, adhering to a somewhat thicker bezel for a cleaner appearance. However all reports show the business will rather move to a hole-punch screen, which if you ask me, is the very best of both worlds. It inhabits very little screen property and is perhaps less disruptive than a notch.

Regrettably for Samsung, it will not be the very first, however then, Apple wasn’t the very first to the notch either. Possibilities are Samsung will be the most popular advocate of the hole-punch screen for a long time, offering it a visual benefit over Apple’s chunky notch. It appears Samsung is deserting the iris scanner in order to accommodate a smaller sized cutout, however possibilities are the business will change it with an in-display finger print reader as seen on the OnePlus 6T.

Reports indicate 3 kind elements: an S10, S10+ and an S10 ‘Lite’ of sorts. We have actually heard differing reports on screen sizes, however one report points at a 5.8, 6.1, and 6.4-inch screens for the S10 Lite, S10, and S10,+ respectively. It’s likewise unclear if the S10 Lite will be considerably less effective (and less expensive) than the other designs, or merely smaller sized. Tthe present S9 is 5.8 inches, however, with the smaller sized bezels on the upcoming designs, Samsung will have the ability to accommodate a bigger screen in a similarly-sized chassis.

With all the leakages and reports– sure to increase in the coming weeks– I hope Samsung still has actually something delegated genuinely shock us by February20 Naturally, we’ll be covering the news come showtime, so remain tuned to TNW for more.

Released January 10, 2019– 15: 52 UTC.