San Francisco is on the brink of a vote that would prohibit the sale and circulation of e-cigarettes. The vaping business, Juul, is based there, however city leaders state they require to safeguard teens.


The nation’s most significant e-cigarettes business, Juul Labs, calls San Francisco house. That has actually not stopped the city’s board of managers from using up a vote tomorrow. It is thinking about a costs to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes. Press Reporter Laura Klivans of member station KQED has the story.

LAURA KLIVANS, BYLINE: Fifteen-year-old Abbey Chaitin has actually resided in San Francisco her entire life. She does not actually see the draw of utilizing e-cigarettes, which her buddies simply call vaping.

ABBEY CHAITIN: Since I have actually seen how addicted my peers have actually ended up being to, like, vaping.

KLIVANS: She rests on her bed in her purple space. There’s a “Breakfast Club” poster on the wall, and you can see San Francisco’s summer season fog out her window. She informed me most of her buddies have actually attempted vaping, and a couple of are now hooked.

CHAITIN: I’ll see them in class, like, fidgeting or – like, they require it to focus, to operate.

KLIVANS: In 2015, one in 5 high school senior citizens reported vaping in the previous month. That’s nearly double the number who reported vaping the year prior to. Even eighth-graders are vaping in record numbers.

SHAMANN WALTON: We’re going to battle tough to stop that.

KLIVANS: San Francisco’s manager Shamann Walton co-authored the brand-new regulation.

WALTON: We invested a couple of years combating huge tobacco in the type of cigarettes. And now we need to do it once again in the type of e-cigarettes.

KLIVANS: The proposed law would prohibit offering e-cigarettes in the city and providing them to San Francisco addresses. That suggests you could not even purchase them online. In California, it’s prohibited for anybody under 21 to purchase tobacco items, both routine and e-cigarettes. Still, Walton states vaping gadgets prevail in the city’s middle and high schools. He explains that nicotine, no matter how you consume it, can damage a young adult’s establishing brain.

WALTON: And now we’re simply trading one nicotine dependency for another.

KLIVANS: Juul’s vaping gadget, likewise called a Juul, was presented in2015 The business now manages 70% of the vaping market. Business authorities state they likewise wish to keep e-cigarettes far from youths. They state they have actually made it harder for minor purchasers to acquire Juul off their site, and Juul closed down its accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

However the business argues prohibiting e-cigarettes will indicate grownups who wish to stop smoking cigarettes routine cigarettes will have a more difficult time. San Francisco local Jay Friedman concurs. The software application engineer utilized to smoke a pack a day for 20 years.

JAY FRIEDMAN: E-cigarettes have actually actually gotten me to smoking cigarettes, like, 2 or 3 a day.

KLIVANS: Friedman supported a restriction on flavored tobacco that city citizens passed in 2015.

FRIEDMAN: I seem like it was an excellent action to eliminate the fruit tastes for kids, however this seems like perhaps an action too far.

KLIVANS: He states if e-cigarettes are prohibited, he would attempt to stop nicotine completely, however …

FRIEDMAN: There would be a point and a minute of weak point where I ‘d simply wind up purchasing a pack of smokes once again. And after that it’s simply a domino effect from there.

KLIVANS: City managers stress that for each grownup that may benefit, lots of youths might end up being addicted. Small companies in San Francisco are worried the restriction will harm their bottom line.


KLIVANS: Miriam Zouzounis and her household own this corner store near downtown San Francisco, Ted’s Market.

MIRIAM ZOUZOUNIS: When individuals come and wish to acquire something at the shop and we do not have that precise product that they desire, they’re not going to purchase the remainder of the products that they may on that journey – a beverage or a sandwich – if we do not have their kind of tobacco item.

KLIVANS: She states sales from e-cigarettes are at least $200 to $300 a day. And as a board member of the Arab American Grocers Association, she thinks laws like this mainly impact immigrant-owned services.

If passed, the restriction would enter into result early next year. However 15- year-old Abbey Chaitin believes it will not make much of a distinction.

CHAITIN: Individuals my age can discover a method around that if they actually require to.

KLIVANS: On The Other Hand, Juul is gathering signatures for a tally effort to bypass the restriction in November.

For NPR News, I’m Laura Klivans in San Francisco.

KELLY: And this story becomes part of a reporting collaboration with NPR News, KQED and Kaiser Health News.


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