Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister informed CBS on Sunday that the kingdom had absolutely nothing to do with the dripping of Jeff Bezos’ intimate texts to the National Enquirer.

Bezos released an explosive blog site recently implicating United States tabloid the National Enquirer of “blackmail and extortion.” He pointed out links in between Saudi Arabia and Enquirer publisher American Media Inc (AMI), consisting of the story that AMI released a shiny pro-Saudi publication in March2018


Bezos likewise referred to the story of Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post Reporter who was killed in the Istanbul Saudi consulate last October.

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Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, composed: “The Post’s vital and relentless protection of the murder of its writer Jamal Khashoggi is unquestionably undesirable in specific circles.”

He likewise stated the head of AMI, David Pecker, was “apoplectic” about Bezos’ examination, and “the Saudi angle appears to strike an especially delicate nerve.”

On Sunday, the Saudi Arabia’s minister of state for foreign affairs Adel Al-Jubeir rejected that the kingdom had any participation in dripping Bezos’ texts to CBS.

“This sounds to me like a daytime drama. I have actually been seeing it on tv and checking out it in the paper. This is something in between the 2 celebrations. We have absolutely nothing to do with it,” stated Al-Jubeir.

On the exact same day, AMI’s lawyer Elkan Abramowitz offered an interview to ABC news In it, he declined to call the source who offered the texts to the Enquirer, however did let slip some information about their identity.

He stated it was “a reputable source that had actually been offering info to the National Enquirer for 7 years” which they were “popular to both Mr Bezos and Miss Sanchez.” AMI sources informed The Daily Monster that the source of the leakage was Lauren Sanchez’s sibling, Michael Sanchez.

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Although he declined to talk about whether Sanchez was the source, at one point Abramowitz let slip the source’s gender. “It was an individual that was understood to both Bezos and Miss Sanchez, for that reason offering his info more reliability,” he stated.

Abramowitz likewise rejected that Saudi Arabia had anything to do with the leakage, and stated AMI “does not have any Saudi Arabian funding.”