Marijuana plants are a preferred food for sand flies.

John Kim/CNET.

When they aren’t drawing your blood at the beach, there’s a good opportunity those annoying sand flies are off in the weeds someplace drawing down some marijuana rather.

Female sand flies treat on blood when breeding their offspring, however the bugs likewise feed off plants and fruit. The biting bugs are the topic of research study, in part, due to the fact that they can transfer some nasty illness, consisting of leishmaniasis

New research study released Monday in the Procedures of the National Academy of Sciences journal discovers that sand flies’ preferred vegetarian meal may simply be cannabis (marijuana sativa).

Scientists tested the DNA of numerous sand flies from various parts of the world in order to examine what they had actually been consuming.

Remarkably, pot was discovered in the diet plans of sand flies from 5 of the 6 areas associated with the research study.

The research study states it’s not yet clear what brings in sand flies to cannabis or what their choice for pot might indicate for the more severe battle versus illness, however that it deserves examining even more.

” It might well impact the habits of sand flies and, thus, the transmission of leishmaniasis,” the paper checks out.

Many remarkable is that marijuana was discovered in the flies even when it wasn’t clear where they were discovering their repair and when other sources of food were a lot more numerous and offered.

” The most frequently taken in plant in 4 of the 5 websites was C. sativa, regardless of its obvious absence of abundance in the research study websites,” checks out a release from the group led by Ibrahim Abbasia at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Simply put, like particular other types on this world, sand flies want to head out of their method to locate cannabis.