People have actually counted on the aid of canines for centuries– whether it’s for searching, support for the blind or simply to keep us business. Now, scientists at Tohoku University have actually found yet another method to use our four-legged good friends.

Scientists discovered a method to from another location manage a skilled pet, basically turning the puppy into a doggy drone. By strapping on an unique vest with an electronic camera and lights, the scientists have the ability to guide the pet and inform it where to go.

The tech is remarkably uncomplicated. The vest will shine a light on the ground in front of the pet, and the pet will stroll to the left, right or forward depending upon where the light points– comparable to how your animal will chase after a laser guideline around for limitless hours of enjoyable.

The video camera on the vest reveals what is straight in front of the pet. This might be helpful when utilizing a canine to discover something or reach locations that a human can’t get to.

Somebody consider that pet a reward.