Scientist wished to learn the number of photovoltaic panel setups remain in the states.

Getty Images.

There have to do with 1.47 million person photovoltaic panel setups in the United States.

That number comes thanks to an expert system system established by scientists at Stanford University. The system is detailed in a research study launched Wednesday that explains how the AI setup evaluated satellite pictures to determine how prevalent photovoltaic panel use is.

The report, called “DeepSolar: An Artificial Intelligence Structure to Effectively Build a Solar Implementation Database in the United States” and released in the journal Joule, revealed there are more photovoltaic panels out there than formerly believed.

” We hope the information produced by DeepSolar can help scientists, policymakers and the market in getting a much better understanding of solar adoption and its effects,” the research study states.

The group prepares to upgrade the database every year and include other nations and areas in the future, the research study states.

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