There’s been a light program in night skies just recently and it’s warming up today as the yearly Taurid meteor shower reaches its peak.

The Taurids aren’t specifically understood for producing an abundance of short lived “shooting stars” like August’s Perseids, however they do have a credibility for creating a couple of specifically intense, lasting and magnificent fireballs like this one seen over Arkansas on Nov. 2:

The Taurids happen in between October and December every year when the Earth goes through particles clouds left by Comet Encke and the asteroid 2004 TG10 There are in fact 2 branches of the meteor shower, the northern and southern Taurids, which have rather unclear and broadly specified peaks of activity. However indicators are that Monday night and the rest of this week ought to be a fantastic chance to search for more fireballs from the southern branch while the northern Taurids construct towards a peak on Nov. 10 to 11, according to the American Meteor Society( AMS).

The cloud of particles producing these meteor showers is bigger and more dispersed than others our world goes through, which is why the Taurids are expanded over a number of weeks. Likewise, they’re made up of bigger little bits of area rock– much heavier pebbles compared to smaller sized grains. They likewise move slower than in other meteor showers, which is what provides us the longer-lasting, brighter-burning fireballs.

To capture a Taurid fireball, the very best technique is actually simply to invest as much time under the clear night sky as you can and to be alert as possible. However if you’re more devoted and sensation fortunate, you might discover yourself a dark place far from city lights with a complete, clear view of the night sky. From there simply lay back, search for and unwind. The AMS states it may be possible to view as lots of as 5 Taurid meteors per hour today.

And, obviously, if you occur to capture any especially incredible fireballs on video, please share the video with me on Twitter @EricCMack

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