The deep sea is a covert wonderland of weird and uncommon animals. The team of the Expedition Vessel Nautilus got an eyeful today of a hardly ever seen gulper eel, a kind of deep-sea fish. Even much better, they captured it swelling up like a strange undersea air bag.

The Nautilus videos aren’t just fantastic for the visuals, however likewise for the passionate commentary of the researchers enjoying the unique scenes unfold. “Appears like a muppet,” is among the very first things we hear as the electronic camera focuses on the fish.

Later on, we see the gulper eel open its enormous mouth large, an occasion that highlights a lot of “whoas” and laughter from the enjoying researchers, who state, “That was remarkable.”

The eel captured on video is likely a juvenile, given that grownups can rise to 3 feet (approximately a meter) in length. “That pouch-like mouth can pump up in an immediate, scooping up much bigger victim like a pelican,” the Nautilus group states

The Nautilus, a task moneyed by the not-for-profit Ocean Expedition Trust, is presently checking out seamounts in the Papahanaumokuaakea Marine National Monolith sanctuary near Hawaii.

” Scientists are both thinking about how this uncommon chain of undersea mountains formed parallel to the Hawaiian Islands ridge, and whether these seamounts support lively coral and sponge neighborhoods like others in the area,” states the Nautilus group

The Nautilus team might be doing some major science, however there’s constantly space to be in wonder of the odd and fantastic animals that reside in the deep.