Smile for the video camera.

OceanX video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET.

A fired up group of scientists experienced a close encounter of the giant-shark kind, and it ended up far better than in Jaws

Ocean expedition group OceanX shared a video today revealing an outright system of a shark having a look at a research study group’s submersible in the Bahamas. The female bluntnose sixgill got up close and individual with the sub and appeared to taste-test a speargun on the exterior of the car.

The speargun the shark was having a look at was specifically developed to connect a satellite tag to the animals while they’re swimming in their natural environments.

OceanX made history in late June when it tagged a shark from a submersible for the very first time ever Formerly, scientists had actually just had the ability to tag bluntnose sixgill sharks by bringing them as much as the surface area, a procedure that can be difficult for the deep-sea animals.

” Normally, the information gotten after surface area tagging of a sixgill is thought to be manipulated, as the shark does not go back to its natural habits for a long time after the tagging,” the OceanX group composed

Regardless of its huge size, the bluntnose sixgill isn’t as popular as its terrific white kindred. It tends to remain in the dark depths of the ocean. “Little is learnt about it, and it is ruled out a hazard to people unless it is provoked,” the Florida Museum states

The OceanX video footage offers us an unusual peak at this breathtaking leviathan. Simply do not search for it to star in Jaws V. According to the Florida Museum’s International Shark Attack File, there’s been just one recorded attack on a human given that the 1500 s, and the bluntnose was provoked.

This was the ideal look-but-don’ t-touch experience.