The St. Louis EarthCam saw the fireball on Nov. 11.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET.

The Taurid meteor shower is checking out Earth as soon as again and it appears to have actually made an unique shipment to Missouri on Monday night. Cams around St. Louis saw a blazing fireball spotting throughout the sky.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) stated it got over 120 reports of the fireball, which was likewise seen from Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and other close-by states. AMS assembled a video of a few of the very best takes a look at the fireball, consisting of a view of it illuminating the sky near the landmark St Louis Entrance Arch.

Missouri weather-watcher Tom Stolze shared an especially brilliant view of the fireball on Twitter

Some eyewitnesses to the most likely meteor likewise reported hearing a boom. “Loud rumbling and shook our whole home. I believed it was an earthquake,” composed Dorothy S. from Wentzville, Missouri, a suburban area of St. Louis.

The Taurids, which are activated by the particles from a comet, will remain active through early December, however we’re nearly out of peak watching time. If you take place to find another beautiful fireball like the one seen in Missouri, the AMS would enjoy to find out about it