Jeff Bezos, the billionaire creator of Amazon, has a vibrant vision for the future of humankind: A trillion individuals living and working in deep space, preferably in huge Earth-like “ O’Neill nests” (The name originates from physicist Gerard O’Neill, who initially explained this concept in the 1970 s.)

Bezos, who established the spaceflight business Blue Origin, has explained this concept a number of times over the previous number of years. However the other day, he offered his most thorough discussion about it yet.

Bezos’ almost hour-long talk consisted of captivating animations to make the case that Earth’s resources are restricted, humankind’s thirst for them is not, which we are barreling towards a grim future if we do not attempt something vibrant and brand-new soon.

Bezos likewise revealed a huge lunar-landing spacecraft called Blue Moon, which he views as stepping stone to that future. A lot of right away, he hopes NASA will choose the lorry to assist the company return astronauts to the moon in2024


“This is an unbelievable lorry, and it’s going to the moon,” Bezos stated.

Blue Origin launched a video of Bezos’ talk on YouTube on Friday for all to see. You can enjoy Bezos explain his dreams, pull the drape on Blue Moon, and indirectly rib the long-lasting objectives of Elon Musk and his rocket business, SpaceX, utilizing the ingrained gamer listed below.