A nest of Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.
Mateo Willis/National Geographic

June 5 marks the 35 th yearly World Environment Day— a worldwide occasion led by the United Nations that intends to increase around the world action to secure our environment.

Every year, the UN projects to raise awareness about ecological problems like marine contamination, increasing carbon emissions, and overpopulation. In 2019, the focus is resolving air contamination

Air contamination triggers some 8.8 million deaths each year worldwide. Presently, 91% of the world’s population resides in locations where the air quality does not satisfy the requirements for security set by the World Health Company.

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People contaminate the air, land, and sea by burning nonrenewable fuel sources, excessive using chemicals and pesticides, and developing sewage run-off.

The human health effects of contamination aside, the deterioration of our natural surroundings is requiring hundreds, if not thousands, of types down a course to termination

As news on the ecological front gets more alarming– oceans are warming, Arctic and Antarctic ice melt is increasing, 5 trillion pounds of plastic have actually gone into the seas– it’s even more essential to bear in mind that our world is filled with types and environments worth securing.

In honor of World Environment Day, we have actually put together a few of the most stunning– and heartbreaking– pictures of our world and its plants and animals.

Here are 30 images that highlight our world and its types’ fragility and strength.