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To avoid future young child pain, do not let them lose their puzzle pieces. That’s much easier stated than done– how are you even expected to save those cumbersome things with numerous loose parts? You can purchase a wire puzzle rack, which might be an excellent alternative if you have about a lots puzzles, however if you just own a couple of and wish to keep them on a rack or in a bin, an option is to keep them in clear poly envelopes.

I saw the concept on Pinterest and believed it was fantastic. Chunky young child puzzle boards fit comfortably into legal size envelopes, like these, and will remain undamaged even when moved around. To make it even easier for youngsters to get to their puzzles, you can change the string grips with Velcro circles.

Now your young child will not experience that widely shocking minute of being nearly finished with a puzzle just to find that the last piece is missing out on. Do not fret, however– they’ll still have lots of other factors to weep