TLDR: The Project Management and Scrum Certification Preparation Exams Bundle features nine courses for mastering Agile and Scrum project management approaches.

Being the right person to see a project through from ideation to successful completion isn’t about being a world-class leader. And it doesn’t require dark arts, strange alchemy or any amount of persuasion, mysticism or hardball military or political tactics to make it happen.

Project management in 2020 isn’t about feel or flying by the seat of your pants. It’s about knowing and understanding your game plan before you hit the field, then executing on that plan. The Project Management and Scrum Certification Preparation Exams Bundle ($45.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) can put that game plan right in your hands, allowing you to find success as a six-figure earning project management professional.

Over the course of nine classes, this package of training fully explores Agile, one of the world’s most renowned and well-respected project methodology approaches, as well as it’s most popular offshoot framework Scrum.

Any understanding of how to lead a management project starts with learning the rules of the game. With training like Agile Project Management and Scrum Certification Prep, you’ll immediately get the full download on the basics, from terminology to the necessary tools to critical processes to watch for to achieve real project success.

The various courses in this collection help get students ready for the kind of project problems and disruptions that happen in the real world, with actual examples to help spotlight Scrum and Agile properties and how they’re used in each situation.

Agile began as a software development approach, so there’s also ample discussion throughout about how to use this methodology to guide product development of any kind. Students will also learn the importance of user stories, brief, plain-language explanations of a feature, or functionality of a wider project as a user would experience it. 

This collection also takes an in-depth look at Kanban, a visual means of representing an Agile project that can help all team members and stakeholders understand each step of the process and how things are going.

Learners can start down the path to mastering this important business skill with The Project Management and Scrum Certification Preparation Exams Bundle, an $1,800 training collection now available for just $45.99.

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