If your new Chromebook told you it's past EOL, don't panic—as long as you were running Canary or Dev, that is. (If you were running Stable or Beta, you may continue panicking.)
/ If your brand-new Chromebook informed you it’s previous EOL, do not stress– as long as you were running Canary or Dev, that is. (If you were running Steady or Beta, you might continue panicking.).


A great deal of Chromebook and Chromebox users do not understand this, however all ChromeOS gadgets have an expiration date Google’s initial policy was for gadgets to be supported for 5 years, however the business has actually just recently extended that time to 6.5 years.

When your Chromebook or Chromebox approaches its integrated expiration date, it will caution you that it’s time to go purchase a brand-new gadget totally. Not long after that, it will decline to use any more security or function updates. In addition to leaving users susceptible to unpatched security exploits, this indicates that continuously developing services such as Gmail will ultimately quit working totally.

Google has actually been dealing with a method to caution users 6 months ahead of time that their gadget’s EOL date is approaching to enable them to prepare with a little less time-sensitive desperation. However users running the Canary and Dev early-preview ChromeOS develops found a bug in the brand-new code the difficult method. After any reboot, new gadgets began cautioning “this is the last automated software application and security upgrade for this Chromebook. To get future updates, upgrade to a more recent design.”

Fortunately, the code had actually not yet made it to steady– and even beta– develops, so couple of users were exposed to it. The bug has actually currently been covered, and users on Canary must currently have actually seen the fake message vanish after an everyday upgrade push this previous weekend. Users on the Dev construct just get updates weekly, so they may not have actually the caution repaired up until at some point today.

On the other hand, if you’re not running a Canary or Dev construct and you have actually gotten a message about your gadget being beyond its assistance date and getting no more upgrades … it’s legitimate, and you truly will not be getting anymore upgrades. This does not need to be completion of the world; if you want to get your hands unclean, you can still set up Linux as a totally bootable OS, which will never ever end on you, utilizing chrx (This is how I get Linux on my own little fleet of Chromebooks, which I usage for multi-station Wi-Fi screening)

You can likewise set up an alternate variation of ChromiumOS itself, such as the easily readily available House Edition of Neverware CloudReady This provides you an experience incredibly comparable to complete ChromeOS, developed on the very same innovation, which will continue to get software application updates in spite of your gadget’s “expiration date.”