On June 24, SpaceX sent out the world’s most effective rocket, the Falcon Heavy, into area. On top of the Heavy, within the payload bay, were 24 satellites being reached orbit to settle in area. However some parts of the Heavy were predestined to come back to Earth, consisting of the protective payload fairing that protected the satellites from the severe forces of a rocket launch. For the very first time, SpaceX recorded the fairing prior to it dropped into the Atlantic– and have actually now supplied sensational vision of its go back to Earth.

The SpaceX twitter account shared the video listed below on Tuesday night, providing rocket chasers a fairing-eye’s view of the go back to Earth. As the half pipe-shaped metal zips through Earth’s environment, it illuminate the particles, turning the screen a fantastic blue. This is what it appears like when you return from area:

Capturing the fairing is an especially essential turning point for SpaceX. The fairing imitates a nose cone for the rocket and guards the freight being released off-planet. When the rocket has actually punched through Earth’s environment, the fairing gets rejected and returns to Earth. It’s a brief life for the fairing, however it’s a pricey one.

Price quotes recommend each fairing expenses around $6 million, which suggests recuperating them is essential to drive down spaceflight expenses for SpaceX. Instead of produce a brand-new fairing each time, it’s much better simply to re-use them– however till the most current launch it’s been hard to capture the falling hunk of metal as it comes down towards the ocean.

Nevertheless, throughout the launch on June 24, SpaceX did it. Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, shared vision of the capture by the business’s rapid boat, called Ms. Tree, on Twitter Tuesday.

The next action for the fairing? Returning to area, obviously. Here’s hoping it can offer similarly sensational vision on its next flight.