Team Dragon on the launchpad at Kennedy Area Center in Florida prior to launch

NASA/Joel Kowsky.

Release from Earth on a Falcon 9 rocket: Inspect. Orbit the world: Inspect. Dock at the International Spaceport Station: Inspect. Head back to Earth: Nearly there!

The SpaceX Team Dragon is deep into its preliminary NASA Demo-1 objective and it’s examined all packages up until now. The next huge action is to close the hatch, undock from the ISS and return to crash in the Atlantic Ocean later on today. You can tune in to NASA TELEVISION for all the action.

NASA astronaut Anne McClain socializes with the little Earth plushie from the SpaceX Team Dragon Demo-1 objective.


NASA begins its live protection on Thursday at 9: 15 a.m. PT when the ISS team is set to close the hatch resulting in the pill. The area firm will later on get with protection of the undocking procedure, which is set up to begin at 11 p.m. PT on Thursday.

Team Dragon will invest a little time in area prior to reentering the environment. NASA TELEVISION will track the deorbit and landing beginning around 4: 30 a.m. PT on Friday.

Team Dragon provided team products and devices to the ISS. While no human beings were on board, the pill did host a test dummy called Ripley and a adorable Earth plushie toy, which was embraced by NASA astronaut Anne McClain. The pill will return with research study samples on board.

While SpaceX has actually aced the procedures up until now, this next phase will evaluate the Team Dragon’s departure, reentry and parachute systems. SpaceX’s Go Searcher healing ship will get the pill from the water.

This experience marks the very first test flight for NASA’s Industrial Team Program, which includes SpaceX and Boeing working to release astronauts from United States soil for the very first time because completion of the area shuttle bus program in2011

If Team Dragon passes examination for the Demo-1 objective, then astronauts might release in a SpaceX pill as early as midyear.