SpaceX’s Team Dragon


SpaceX continues to advance in its efforts to revive human flight travel, launching a brand-new video today highlighting its Team Dragon parachute tests.

The approximately two-and-a-half-minute video, which includes the parachutes releasing in a range of conditions and elevations, closes with the tag “SpaceX is returning human spaceflight abilities with among the best, most sophisticated systems ever developed.”

The video highlighting its landing abilities follows a SpaceX Team Dragon pill all of a sudden took off throughout a ground test at Cape Canaveral in Florida on April 20 due to a leakage in the spacecraft’s pressurization system Comparable to Boeing’s Starliner, the Team Dragon becomes part of NASA’s Business Team program that intends to go back to utilizing US-built craft to provide astronauts to area.

Current objectives have actually contracted out transportation to Russian spacecraft because completion of the area shuttle bus program in2011

It’s not yet understood when SpaceX will release the next Team Dragon flight, called Demo-2, however you can see the parachute tests listed below.

CNET’s Eric Mack added to this story.