A guy in eastern China just recently checked out a healthcare facility with grievances of “a crawling experience” in his ideal ear. Upon assessment, the medical professional discovered a spider that had actually truly made itself in the house.

The small arachnid had actually spun a web that covered the client’s whole ear canal.

Dr. Zhang Pan of the Affiliated Medical Facility of Yangzhou University dealt with the male, placing an endoscope into his ear and recording video footage of the eight-legged burglar, which was shared online by Newsflare on May 8. [27 Oddest Medical Cases]

The video reveals a tube coming down deep into the male’s ear, exposing a little spider crouching really conveniently near the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. Wispy, pale filaments of its web show up close by– though it did not appear to have actually captured anything yet.

Zhang informed The Sun that the spider was so little he could not see it up until he placed the endoscope. He initially attempted to take the spider from the ear canal with a set of tweezers, however it left him; Zhang then effectively flushed the spider out with a squirt of saline, The Sun reported.

Cases of spiders and bugs residing inside individuals’s ears are unusual– however, maybe not unusual enough. A young boy from Connecticut who experienced a buzzing in his ear was just recently discovered to have a tick locked to his eardrum In Florida in 2015, a female woke up from a sound sleep to find a cockroach had actually attacked her ear.

And in 2017, a male in China who struggled with extreme ear discomfort discovered that it had an extremely not likely source: a live gecko— albeit an extremely, really little one– that was snuggled in his ear canal.

Due to the fact that the client with the spider in his ear looked for treatment so rapidly, there was no damage to his eardrum, Zhang informed The Sun. Nevertheless, the fate of the spider after its elimination stays unidentified, The Sun reported.

Initially released on Live Science