This Mars dune cast appear like it must be on Captain Kirk’s chest.

NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter looks down on the Red World and sees all sorts of fantastical developments that look like whatever from Beaker the Muppet to Pac-Man A brand-new MRO view will motivate you to take out your Vulcan salute.

The MRO HiRise electronic camera group at the University of Arizona on Wednesday highlighted a Martian dune development that might be a doppelganger for the traditional diving Starfleet logo design.

” Resourceful audiences will make the discovery that these functions look notably like a popular logo design,” the group quipped.

The appealing Mars development has a long geologic history. It began as a crescent-shaped dune that ended up being an island in a sea of lava, however the sand ultimately blew away in the wind.

” These are likewise called ‘dune casts’ and tape-record the existence of dunes that were surrounded by lava,” planetary researcher Ross Beyer described

A larger MRO view of the landscape reveals more of the insignia-like impressions.

These “dune footprints” have some unintentional Star Trek style.

NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.

Beyer made certain to explain the similarity to the Star Trek logo design is “just a coincidence.” There is no reputable proof of Star Trek fans having actually reached the surface area of Mars. Yet.