Starbucks’ president and president Kevin Johnson stated on Monday that the business would aim to enhance its shipment services in the United States after try out brand-new shipment innovations in China, CNBC reported

Amongst those developments are shipment services developed to carefully look like the experience clients delight in inside Starbucks retailers.

The coffee chain states it has actually established approaches for providing coffee items that have the exact same quality clients would generally get at a Starbucks shop, by using tools like heat-retaining product packaging and spill-proof covers.

When clients get their orders, “the drink is the exact same temperature level as if the barista simply prepared it and commended them,” Johnson informed CNBC.

Johnson even more discussed to CNBC that China’s food shipment market was growing “faster than any other part of the world.”

China is Starbucks’ second-largest market, after the United States.