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This elegeant piece of French cookware is perfect for fall cooking.

red dutch oven

Score Staub’s excellent 4-quart Duch oven at a major discount today. 


As we head into fall and cooler temperatures (one hopes, anyways), certain pieces of cookware grab the spotlight. Dutch ovens are among them — and we spotted a true steal if you’re looking to add or upgrade this kitchen mainstay. Staub is a premier luxury French cookware brand on par with Le Creuset. Right now Staub’s lovely red 4-quart Dutch oven, or cocotte, is down to $150 at Bloomingdale’s. That’s more than $80 off the average price on Amazon and one heck of a bargain on a regal pot that you’ll likely own for decades.

A cocotte is essentially a small Dutch oven with a fancier name. It’s one of the most versatile pots you can own. Cast iron retains heat as well as anything and distributes it evenly, making this a perfect vessel for slow and low braising or smaller roasts in the oven. The tough enamel coating is designed for easy release so cleanup is a breeze. The 4-quart cocotte will also come in handy for a slow Sunday sauce or simmering stew, and Staub’s time-tested, quality construction will last for decades, if not longer. 

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