When Nintendo revealed “ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “previously this year, manufacturer Masahiro Sakurai validated that every character from the previous 4 video games in the franchise would be returning for the series’ very first entry on the Nintendo Change.

As an outcome, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “has among the biggest lineups of any battling video game ever made, reviving more than 60 returning characters, and including 12 fresh brand-new faces. That’s 74 playable characters from throughout computer game history, right out of package, plus another coming as a download in early2019


If that’s insufficient, Nintendo just recently validated that a minimum of 5 more fighters will be contributed to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “through February2020


Those who have actually played prior “Smash” video games might acknowledge that specific characters have comparable movesets– like Pit and his wicked equivalent, Dark Pit. Nintendo has actually begun calling the copy characters “echo fighters,” however for the sake of this list, they’ll be counted as people. Likewise, the Pokémon fitness instructor manages 3 various playable Pokémon, and there are 3 Mii fighters with various battling designs, so we’ll count them all separately too.

Here’s every among the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” characters, plus the video game in which they debuted: