ALBUQUERQUE– Tyrannosaurus rex had an unique method of crunching bones.

A deadly mix of an effective bite, strong teeth and duplicated crunching permitted these huge predators to crush the bones of their victim, scientists reported October 20 at the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology’s yearly conference

Bones have a healthy inner cavity including marrow and phosphate salts. However to access those goodies, many bone crushers need to have the ability to secure their jaws together to crunch through the thick external protective layer of bone. Some meat-eating mammals, like spotted hyenas and gray wolves, can do this. However bone-crushing is unidentified amongst living reptiles since their upper and lower teeth do not meshed, or occlude, in a manner that enables them to secure. Rather, many modern-day reptilian predators simply swallow the bones entire to get at the nutrients.

Tyrannosaurs, consisting of T. rex, didn’t have mammallike occluding teeth either, however fossil proof recommends that the dinosaurs in some way crushed the bones of their victim.

To find out how, anatomist Paul Gignac of Oklahoma State University in Tulsa and vertebrate paleontologist Gregory Erickson of Florida State University in Tallahassee analyzed fossil proof of the animals’ dining habits. The duo likewise examined the bite forces of the only living dinosaurs, birds, along with crocodiles, dinosaurs’ closest living loved ones. Theorizing from that proof, the scientists approximated T. rex‘s bite force and the quantity of pressure the dinos’ teeth might put in at their suggestions.

T. rex might crush bones, the researchers state, thanks to an effective bite of about 8,000 newtons (more than two times as strong since the bite force of crocodiles, the greatest of all living animals) and the quantity of pressure the dinos’ teeth might put in at their suggestions, as much as 3,000 megapascals. The extreme pressure from those teeth assisted develop fractures that deteriorated bones. T. rex would likewise munch consistently in one area, utilizing its benefits to get the most out of its victim.