Tencent exposed today it would be pulling its test variation of PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields from the Chinese market. Rather, it’s going to release a comparable however more, um, friendly app called “Video game for Peace.”

Tencent revealed it was drawing back the test variation of PUBG it ‘d launched to Chinese players. Quickly afterwards, it revealed the release of Video game for Peace. According to Reuters, Tencent states the video game “pays homage to the blue sky warriors that protect our nation’s airspace” aka, the Chinese flying force.

The app appears like PUBG, strolls like PUBG, however it does not play like PUBG Rather, “Video Game for Peace” is a censored, cleaned variation of the exact same gameplay. Weapons are still present, and you can still shoot individuals, however they do not bleed– rather the bullet strikes manifest as little green stimulates on their bodies. If you “eliminate” them, they stay up to wave bye-bye to you prior to vanishing. It sort of advises me of those censored variations of Mortal Kombat that changed blood with strange grey fluid in the hopes it would tone down the series’ signature violence (spoiler: it didn’t, however it did look quite unusual). It’s sort of dissonant with the video game’s main site, hosted on Tencent-owned QQ, which still portrays surges and weapons (and midriff-baring female characters).

Aside from these circumstances of apparent clean-up, the imitate is so exact that, if the Weibo users who reported playing the video game are to be thought, gamers would regularly discover themselves at the specific very same level and with comparable playing history in Video Game of Peace as they performed in PUBG Tencent firmly insists the video game is made completely internal– PUBG, on the other hand, was developed by Krafton subsidiary PUBG Corporation.

The factor for the green stimulates is most likely to adhere to China’s brand-new laws about the sort of video games it will and will not authorize, which disallows blood (to name a few things) and any sort of blood-adjacent fluid that acts the exact same method. That indicates the video game can’t get away with recoloring the blood, so stimulates look like an affordable compromise (insofar as any of this is “affordable,” naturally).

When It Comes To why it’s pulling PUBG, the factor is probably financial– PUBG hasn’t been cleared by the federal government for money making yet, suggesting Tencent can’t make any loan from in-game microtransactions. Video game for Peace, on the other hand, was authorized in April.