The marketplace research study business JD Power on Wednesday launched its lists of the very best cars from design year 2018 that cost less than $65,000 The business produced 4 lists ranking the leading 5 cars in 4 various cost sectors: $15,000-$19,999, $20,000-$32,999, $33,000-$44,999, and $45,000-$65,000

While SUVs and light trucks have actually concerned control the American automobile market, sedans took 18 of the 20 areas on the lists, which determined how pleased owners were with their cars on a 100- point scale. (JD Power stated it utilized information from over 3.2 million “confirmed ownership experiences” to develop the lists.)

“While customer interest continues to move towards crossovers, lots of automobiles are still showing very pleasing to own,” Dave Sargent, JD Power’s vice president of international automobile stated in a release accompanying the lists. “The best automobiles typically score much better for quality and appeal than crossovers at the very same cost point.”

Toyota had 5 cars on the lists, more than any other car manufacturer, and 2 more than Kia and General Motors, which connected for 2nd. Automobiles from Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan likewise made the lists.

These are the very best cars from design year 2018 that cost less than $65,000