Job-hunting website Comparably, which permits workers to anonymously evaluate and rank their companies, has actually sorted through its 5 million+ worker evaluations to produce its yearly list of the very best paying little business.

Comparably presently tracks about 10,000 business, it states.

In order to receive this list, Comparably restricted the list to business that had less than 500 workers and had at least 15 rankings from workers in between September 12, 2017 and September 12,2018 Please keep in mind that the pay information noted below originated from info that workers reported to Comparably themselves. And it focused mainly on employed functions in engineering, item, marketing, style, sales and financing, rather than hourly-wage type functions.

In order to rank these business, Comparably thought about both pay and at how pleased workers stated they were with their pay.

The outcome is this list of the very best paying little business, inning accordance with workers.