Silicon Valley might be house to substantial tech business like Google and Facebook, however the San Francisco city location isn’t the most ingenious city on the planet, according to yearly rankings assembled by information company 2thinknow.

Rather, the leading area comes from Tokyo, Japan, according to the 2018 Development Cities Index. This is the very first time that an Asian city has actually declared the title as world’s most ingenious city given that 2thinknow initially began putting together the yearly rankings in2007


Of the top 50, the city with the greatest dive in the rankings was Austin, Texas, which went up 18 areas from 2017 to declare No.29 On the other hand, Barcelona dropped to No. 30 in the index, a 17- area reduction from in 2015.

Cities are evaluated based upon 31 sectors of their markets and economy, and 162 indications of development. Nevertheless, the company’s information experts assemble each city’s index rating, out of 60, from 3 crucial aspects: cultural possessions, human facilities, and networked markets.

Here is the 2018 ranking of the 50 most ingenious cities on the planet: