Transmission Software application today exposed its most current video game, Borderlands 3, at the PAX East Conference. Practically whatever that might fail did fail, however a minimum of the video game looks cool.

No, I’m not overemphasizing– it was a shitshow. It began with Randy Pitchford doing his own variation of among those “Here are all the easter eggs you missed out on in the Borderlands teaser” YouTube videos. He even required time to explain things in the teaser that would not remain in the video game.

” We tossed that therein due to the fact that we’re assholes,” Pitchford stated over a shot of Good-looking Jack’s mask. “Good-looking Jack is dead. You eliminated him!”

Everything type of went downhill from there. From Randy investing around 20 minutes doing a magic technique with 2 “random” audience members and a copy of the brand-new Borderlands parlor game, to several expose videos declining to use Windows Media Gamer (you might hear the audience yelling “VLC!” at the tech personnel)– it was a mess. Not to point out among the assistants destroyed the technique by mistakenly flashing the rigged deck to the audience.

The business sprayed in a couple of exposes for video games they confessed to understanding nobody in the audience appreciated. There’s going to be a follow up to Pathologic, that strange scary video game from 14 years earlier. Bulletstorm is pertaining to the Change and it’s bringing Duke Nukem with it.

Yeah, if you wan na feel a little old and out of touch (or possibly wince due to the fact that something is old and out of touch), the program was here for you. At one point, the name “Legendary Games” was said, and everybody audibly braced themselves to hear the word “special,” however fortunately this worry was relieved soon after by the expression “our good friends at Valve.”

However after all that we lastly … lastly … FINALLY got the Borderlands 3 expose trailer. And it looks excellent— albeit without any release date. It appears like enjoyable, bubbly, vibrant, shooty mcshootness. It appears like a Borderlands video game. Obviously the trailer was, as the organizers confessed, “tense,” so they tried to play it once again. Naturally, the video broke once again.

I do not learn about you men, however I’m getting damned fed up with “We’re done … oh, other than for something” self-aware jocularity. Imaginative Director Paul Sage even stated “I believe [Borderlands 3] is all anybody wished to hear me discuss,” after having not discussed that really thing for over an hour.

Still, if there was something that offseted it, it was Pitchford verifying that Transmission was not making a fight royale video game, and the crowd cheering in action. What a time to be alive.

We’ll obviously be getting more details about the video game on April 3.

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