On Friday night, Boring Business CEO Elon Musk tweeted pictures of his tunnel-boring device appearing to emerge from the dirt into a spacious hole, with spectators at the hole’s edge seeing the spinning uninteresting head.

The tunnel started in January 2017 in the car park of SpaceX’s head office in Hawthorne, California. Musk’s objective has actually been to enhance the speed and expense of tunnel boring, not just to minimize surface-street traffic by decreasing vehicles onto electrical skates and after that speeding them through a so-called “loop” system, however likewise to possibly dig drain, water, and electrical tunnels for cities in a more affordable way.

In late October, Musk tweeted that the more-than-two-mile-long Hawthorne tunnel would be finished by December 10, and The Boring Business would commemorate by offering trips to the general public.

The tunnel appears to end at what The Boring Business calls “O’Leary Station,” which lies on a piece of business residential or commercial property that The Boring Business acquired in Hawthorne. This place is close to, however not the like, the place for which The Boring Business just recently got approval to develop a tunnel entryway within a domestic garage.

” O’Leary Station” recommendations a SpaceX/Boring Business worker who just recently died.

The Hawthorne tunnel is simply a test tunnel for The Boring Business, which likewise prepares to finish a 2nd, 3.6-mile, one-way tunnel from Los Angeles City to Dodger Arena Ultimately, the business wishes to dig a tunnel in Chicago in between O’Hare International Airport and the city’s downtown.

The Boring Business has actually had broad assistance from LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to finish its tunneling job, although some have actually charged that the city’s management enabled the Hawthorne job to move on faster than it would have in a more upscale area.

Correction: This story was upgraded to show that the tunnel’s end is not situated at the house where The Boring Business prepares to check a garage-based tunnel entryway.

Noting image by @elonmusk