Warner Bros. Pictures just recently launched the very first trailer for the upcoming “Investigator Pikachu” film– starring no less than “Deadpool’s” Ryan Reynolds– offering us our very first take a look at how the animals will be brought to life along with live stars.

The 2 minute trailer is chock loaded with concealed Pokémon and enjoyable nods to the video games that influenced the movie.

In “Investigator Pikachu” and the Pokémon video games, Pokémon live along with people in location of animals, making them a typical sight on city streets and in nature.

However with more than 800 Pokémon to monitor, acknowledging all of them can be a task. Fortunately we have actually done the additional work to slow the trailer down and see simply the number of were brought to life in the trailer. I counted no less than 20 live Pokémon, and much more can be seen on advertisements and signboards in the background. Here they are, in the order they appear.