Novartis’s brand-new CEO has his work cut out for him.

Because entering the task in February, Vas Narasimhan’s been working to alter what the $230 billion pharmaceutical giant is understood for.

Rather of being a varied health care corporation, Narasimhan is narrowing his focus to make Novartis a “development medications business,” divesting its customer health joint endeavor in addition to revealing the spinoff of its eye-care service Alcon in June.

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Which consists of altering the business’s culture to make huge pharma a more attractive location for the millennial generation to work, Currently, half of Novartis’s 120,000 employees are millennials. There’s visual modifications included, such as using denims to work.

“We wish to un-boss the business,” Narasimhan stated at the Forbes Health Care Top in New York City in November. That suggests making staff members feel liable instead of needing to rely on a manager to decide.

However stating the culture’s altering and in fact making it alter are 2 various things.

“For lots of people, they like the concept of the culture modification, everyone then wishes to know why can’t it occur right now,” Narasimhan informed Organisation Expert. “So then you need to describe to individuals, this takes some time, management, it takes a great deal of modifications in how we work. However I believe there’s been a great deal of approval of the culture modification, and now the effort has actually started.”

Darren Hauck/Getty Images

So as much as changing clothing and presenting interactions tools like Yammer may assist, it’s going to take some work to pull this shift off.

“In the end, I require 12,000 leaders of individuals to alter their habits,” Narasimhan stated. “It’s not going to be mottos on posters or denims.”