Storyteller: Take a look at that beard: the density, the density. It’s what a beard is expected to be! Not this: This is my beard, if you even wish to call it a beard. This video was taken after I let it grow for 2 weeks. 2 weeks! It’s thin, irregular, and in some areas there’s no hair at all. Unfortunate.

However let’s take a look at this one once again. This is Kevin. We’re around the exact same age, both Caucasian males of Irish descent. You might state we have a lot in typical, other than in the facial-hair department.

So I asked a skin doctor about why he has the ability to grow a beard and I’m not. Dr. Jennifer Chwalek: It’s based upon genes along with hormonal agents.

Some guys, you understand, have more hair roots, so they can grow denser, coarser beards than others. Testosterone gets transformed in the hair roots to a more powerful type called dihydrotestosterone. Some hair roots have receptors on them that are really conscious this greater type of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, which will promote hair development. Graham Flanagan: How would you identify my facial hair? Dr. Chwalek: I ‘d state it’s sporadic which you have light-colored hair, so it does not appear rather as much. Flanagan: I can’t actually grow a fantastic beard. It’s been an issue. I desire one. I wish to appear like my coworker Kevin. I indicate, take a look at that beard. It is simply wonderful. Why can’t I grow a beard like Kevin? Dr. Chwalek: Well, Kevin has some great hair genes, so due to the fact that of that the hair roots on his face are more conscious the results of a kind of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone which can assist to promote thicker, coarser, longer hair development in some locations of the body, like the beard location. Storyteller: Beards and facial hair have actually long been related to masculinity and potency. I started to question if my failure to grow thick facial hair like Kevin makes me less of a male. Flanagan: Does the reality that I can’t grow a beard– does it indicate that I have low testosterone? Dr. Chwalek: No. Guy who can’t grow a beard or have irregular beards normally have typical testosterone levels. It isn’t a reflection of having low testosterone or lacking testosterone. Flanagan: So you can still be virile– Dr. Chwalek: Right. Flanagan: And grow a bad beard like this? Dr. Chwalek: Yes. Flanagan: OK, great. Storyteller: And in reality there are some methods to increase the possibilities of growing facial hair, however shaving more frequently isn’t among them. Dr. Chwalek: So the concept that shaving can affect hair development is really a misconception.

When you’re shaving, you’re simply cutting the hair off at the surface area of the skin, and what’s managing the hair development is actually taking place much deeper in the skin. So it should not have any effect on how rapidly the hair grows or how thick the hair grows. Individuals have actually attempted topical Rogaine or Minoxidil. These things might promote a little hair development, however presuming it is because of genes, then you’re sort of stuck to what you have. Flanagan: It’s everything about the level of sensitivity of the hair roots and how they communicate with this– Dr. Chwalek: Dihydrotestosterone, or androgens in the blood. Flanagan: So you’re stating that his hair roots are “delicate.” Dr. Chwalek: Yes. Flanagan: See, my own aren’t. Dr. Chwalek: Right. Flanagan: They aren’t delicate. They resemble rocks. They have no level of sensitivity at all. OK, so I win that! Dr. Chwalek: Right.