Drew Houston REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Drew Houston is on cloud nine.

On Friday, his business, Dropbox, submitted its S-1, making it Y Combinator’s very first start-up to ever declare an IPO.

The file sharing service that started as a two-person group in 2007 is now a stretching business with more than a thousand staff members and a stock ticker sign that’s quickly to be noted on the NASDAQ. The cloud storage giant now offers services to more than 500 million individuals and produces a billion dollars in yearly income.

However things weren’t constantly simple for Houston or his business. He battled with his preliminary entrepreneurial endeavor and dealt with numerous challenges getting Dropbox off the ground. Dropbox has actually taken 10 years of development to specify it’s at now.

However Houston hung in there. In spite of numerous chances to offer his business in its early phases– consisting of a quote from Steve Jobs in 2009– he hung on.

Here’s a rundown of Houston’s journey from a precocious tech-loving kid to the CEO of a billion-dollar business: