Fyre Celebration was expected to be a special music celebration in 2017 including lots of influencers and partying on sandy beaches, prior to it came down into mayhem and ended up being a catch-all term for unsuccessful occasions

Much of the buzz entering into the celebration originated from the outrageous marketing blitz the organizers started, getting numerous effective influencers and characters to publish about Fyre Celebration. The project was accompanied by a two-minute teaser video to reveal the celebration, revealing lovely designs, private yacht celebrations, and brilliant blue waters– it looked like all of it might be yours if you participated in Fyre Celebration.

Now, that island is for sale. Although it’s not where the famous Fyre Celebration eventually occurred, it’s where organizers Billy McFarland and rap artist Ja Guideline very first visualized for the celebration to happen, and where the discount video was shot.

The personal island, called Saddleback Cay, can be yours for $118 million.

Have a look at some images of the island Fyre Celebration organizers initially set their sights on, and how it compares to the area they wound up deciding on– and the occasion that eventually didn’t take place.